• WHITE RHINO: Southern White Rhinos were thought to have been driven extinct from hunting until 1895, when a small population of less than 100 individuals was discovered in South Africa. There are now between 18,000 to 20,000 white rhinos, thanks to more than a century of conservation efforts on the African continent. Most white rhinos are located in South Africa, with reintroduced populations in Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. Unfortunately, the Northern White Rhino population now consists of just four individuals, making them functionally extinct. Learn more >>


  • BLACK RHINO: Black Rhinos numbered approximately 65,000 in 1970, but by 1993 less than 2,000 were left. Although international trade in rhino horn was banned in 1976, domestic trade continued in China until 1993, and Yemen did not become a party to CITES until 1997. Thanks to the combination of conservation efforts in African rhino range states, the removal of rhino horn from China’s pharmacopeia in 1993, and demand reduction campaigns in Yemen, the black rhino population has more than doubled in the last twenty years. Today there are approximately 5,050 worldwide. Learn more >>


Greater one-horned rhino Rhinoceros unicornis by PARC Nepal

  • GREATER ONE-HORNED RHINO: The Greater One-Horned Rhino was once nearly extinct, but is now a conservation success story. The population is increasing and there are now approximately 3,300 greater one-horned rhinos residing in protected areas of India and Nepal. Learn more >>


  • SUMATRAN RHINO: The Sumatran Rhino has suffered a 50% decline in numbers over the last 15 years. The perfect storm of fragmented habitat, continued destruction of Indonesian rainforests for palm oil, encroachment by illegal settlers, and unrestricted hunting for traditional Chinese medicine prior to the CITES ban on international trade in rhino horn has reduced this species to fewer than 100. Learn more >>


  • JAVAN RHINO: With an estimated 57 Javan Rhinos surviving in only one known location, the Javan Rhino is the rarest large land mammal on earth. Learn more >>


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