We’d like to thank GoPro for supporting our conservation work. We’ve proven the adage that you can attach a GoPro to just about anything… anything but a wild rhino.


While filming in Africa and Asia, we have given away hundreds of portable Nokero solar light bulbs to wildlife rangers who spend their nights deep in the jungles and veldts doing the dangerous work of protecting rhinos, elephants, and other threatened species. Nokero (short for No Kerosene) offers an alternative to the use of harmful fuels and forest depletion in developing countries.


Good Solutions Group is an award-winning marketing services agency that works to create partnerships for brands that want to support active outdoor lifestyles. Good Solutions Group has provided over $8 million in cash and in kind donations, including planting 1.5 million trees and facilitating over 2,500 volunteer hours in state parks across the United States. Good Solutions Group is helping us to offset our film’s carbon footprint.



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