"One characteristic that all past mass extinction events have shared is called a cascade effect."

“It’s all interrelated. Take one species out and the rest may collapse.” – Jane Goodall, in The Price
Image: Craig Cartwright

The five species of rhino make up one of the world’s most endangered large animal groups. And their horn is currently, gram for gram, the most expensive illegal substance on earth – making the rhino a powerful symbolic ambassador for the thousands of wild plant and animal species disappearing each year because of wildlife, ocean, and forest crime.

The plight of the rhino offers global citizens a challenge: Will we stand by as it disappears because of an illegal and deadly luxury market for its horn? Or will we stand together and fight for the rhino’s continued existence on earth?

The Price tells the story of the heroes and villains involved in its fate, and examines just what kind of international cooperation it will take to save them. Filmed in over a dozen countries at the front lines of the Rhino Wars, The Price is currently in post-production and will premier in early 2017.


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